Our Business

Our company is one premier wine importer, focus on a wide range of distributors and retailers.
We work with all type of distribution channel:
  • Business to business: more than 50 local enterprises
  • Wholesaler: distribute through 63 cities and provinces in Vietnam, present in 200 supermarkets

  • Horeca: partnering with over 70 prestigious hotels and resorts; over 1,000 restaurants

  • Retail/showroom: a chain of national Wine Store shop

The Wine Store offers a comprehensive portfolio of the worlds’ most renowned Wine Brands, along with a first-class range of Spirits, Beers, Vodkas, Cigars and Foods.
You could find out more about our porfolio as following:

1. Vodka Kremlin-award:
This is the first keystone to our Wine merchant.

2. Wine and other spirits, beers